Vol. 7 Issue 4 [July 2021]

ISSN: 2455-2437

Published Articles:

Dr. Rajesh Khatwani, Global Warming –Legal Solutions for Global Problem

Akash Bag, Surbhi Meshram, Vikas Gautam & Khyati Solanki, The Most Pre-Meditated of Murders Suggesting Practical Measures to move away from Death Penalty

Keerthana R, Islamic Inheritance of Hermaphrodite

Rakesh Chandra, The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Indian Perspective A Critical Study

G.N.V.N.S Gamya Sree, Paradigm shift in the rights of women under Muslim Personal law in India

Akash Bag, Shobha Singh Thakur & Abhijeet Kumar Singh, The Farooqui Verdict: Exploring Judicial Notion, Rape Myths & Confusing Consent

Anusha Bharath, Jurisdictional Overlap of Competition Law in the Regulation of Professional Sports in India

Prabhjot Kaur Ghuman, Crop Insurance in India

Akash Bagh & Shashank Nande, The Unfathomable Crisis- Investigating Covid 19 Pandemic and Human Rights of Migrant Community

Madina Karimova, Study of the Legal Nature of International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation in Intellectual Property Disputes: Theoretical and Practical Aspects as well as Major Trend

Tania Sebastian, The Conundrum of Trade Secrets in the Changing Paradigms of Employment Relationships and the Technology Interface: A Critical Analysis

Sakshi Pandey, Victimology And Rape: Rehabilitation & Reintegration Possibilities In India

Shrinkhala Swaroop, Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: Long Road Ahead?

Noriah Ramli & Nadiah Mohd Noor, Tourism Redress Mechanism: Tourism Courts In West Malaysia For The Protection Of Consumers

Ishmail Pamsm-Conteh, Was It A Wise Decision For Former Chadian President Hissène Habré Not To Have Pleaded Immunity From Prosecution At The Extraordinary African Chambers?

Bobbala Jyothirmai, Rights Of Prisoners In India With Respect To Healthcare

Chonghan Hu, The Realization Path of the Management Law of College Students

Anjala Patnaik, Anshuman Das, Adrish Dutta, Ahona Mukherjee, Ankita Sengupta, Anupriya, Aditi Mohapatra & Aniket Saha, Issues And Challenges In Implementing Corporate Governance Framework In Private Companies In India

Noriah Ramli & Mohammad Nazir Kamaludin, Legal Framework For Retirement Village In Malaysia

Siddharth Singh Negi, A Socio-Legal Study On Dowry And Domestic Violence In India

Mom Banerjee, Custodial Death – Violation Of Human Rights

Dipankar Aggarwal & Yashovarman Chandel, The Development Of Indian Corporate Law Vis A Vis Independent Directors Post The Revelation Of The Satyam Scandal

Pravina Khuraijam, My Idea and Understanding of Justice

Varsha Bharwdaj, Narco Analysis Test Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872

Varsha Bharwdaj, The Deterrent Effect Of Capital Punishment

Snigdha Singh Dewal, Witting Of Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Act

Bhargavi, Trends and Changes in the process of Adoption of Children: A Historical Analysis

Adv Piyush Sharma, Medical Negligence In India A Critical Study

Zhaoxia Deng, Preliminary Study on the Right to Data Portability

Theresia Charles Numbi, A Snapshot of Local Content Compliance Law in the Context of Mining Industry in Tanzania

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