Vol. 7 Issue 5 [September 2021]

ISSN: 2455-2437

Published Articles:

R Rohan, Difference Between Preparation And Attempt- Explained

Patricia Asongwe, Tracking Cameroon’s Policy And Regulatory Frameworks For Effective Consumer Protection In A Digital Convergent Environment

Keerthana S., Emergency Powers and the Courts

Aradhya Singh, Jewish Law of Inheritance: In India and Israel

Priyadarshini G, Role of Social Media in Legal Literacy

Rashi Shah, Mode Of Taking And Recording Evidences In India

Deepak Antil, Prison Reforms In India: The Lacking Rehabilitation Programme

Nyingchia Angela Kemei, Criminalisation of the non-reimbursement of loans arising out of a contractual relationship: An eye view of Law no. 2019/021 to lay down certain rules relating to credit activity in the banking and microfinance sectors in Cameroon

Dr. Arbab Mohammed Abdul Rub, Judicial Approach Towards Green Collar Crimes In India In The Light Of Environmental Jurisprudence

Anuradha Vaman Naik Raiker, Adultery- No longer a Criminal Offence in India

Ajitha Nair L, Religious Freedom And Dominant Community Doctrine

Madhav Mandhana, Convergence Of Intellectual Property Rights And Competition Law: Emerging Need For The Right Balance In Indian Perspective

X Inbasekharan & Dr. S. Ambikakumari, The Effect Of Withdrawal From Prosecution On Victims Right: An Analysis

Anisha Agarwal & Mridul Gupta, The Plight Of Rohingyas: Will There Be Sunshine Again?

Faruk Sani, Stakeholder Perception on the Adequacy or Otherwise of Nigeria\’s Legal framework on Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Jahnvi Choudhary, Current Position of Hindu Women in India: With Special Reference to Hindu Succession Laws

Sanya Kapoor, Poshan

Aarthi Chatari, The Brawl against Prejudice

Pratiksha Dey & Siddharth Golchha, Uniform Civil Code V. Personal Laws: A Contemporary Issue

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