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Journal of Legal Studies & Research is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Law and allied subjects bearing ISSN: 2455-2437. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

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Protection of Migrant Workers under Bangladesh Employment Law

Migrant workers contribute significantly to the economic development and sustained growth of the country’s GDP through their diligent efforts in sending remittances. However, Bangladeshi migrant workers face problems in multi-dimensional ways, which puts them in a vulnerable situation. In addition, human trafficking, which is one of the most heinous crimes and grave human rights violations

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Socio-Legal Approach to Research

Law and Society are intrinsically tied together primarily because laws cannot be divorced from the society. It is widely believed that law does not require one to be creative for it is mostly centred on application- which is made use of in the interpretation of statutes. This entails, the application of mind in order to

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Suicide and Law in India

Suicide refers to the act of killing oneself intentionally, this word is derived from the Latin phrase “Sui cadere” which means to end oneself. The essence of suicide is that, first, it should be intentional and, second, the person committing suicide must commit it himself, i.e. both victim and victimizer are the same person.[i] There

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Freedom or Jail: Who Plays God?

This article explores the selective cases of release of life convicts, their legality and fallout, and its impact on the criminal justice delivery system. In recent times, debate has been engendered by the release of a convict, an ex-legislator who was serving a life sentence for the murder of a young IAS officer. Political expediency

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