Vol. 7 Issue 3 [May 2021]

ISSN: 2455-2437

Published Articles:

Annie Wilson, Corporate Governance and the reflections of Corporate Social Responsibility norms in Global Legal Paradigm

Yakshay Auluck, Capital Punishment: Trends On Death Penalty In India

Tanjong Napoleon Tabe, Discussing the Socio-Economic and Cultural Importance of Wetland Ecosystems Under Cameroon Environmental Management Code of 1996

Shashank Mittal, e-Evidencing And Its Admissibility

Shruti Misra, GI As Marketing Product: A Study On Its Potential In India

Anmol Singh Khanuja, Media Trials In India Vis-À-Vis Abuse Of Principles Of Natural Justice

Parth Chaturvedi, An Analysis Of The Maharashtra Control Of Organized Crime Act, 1999

Ms. Akshay Pathak, A Contemporary View On Data Breaches & Data Protection Laws

Siddhi Singhal & Debarupa De Biswas, Analysis Of Narco-Analysis As A Serious Danger To The Violation Of Human Rights: Weapon Of Power Or Tool For Abuse?

Kashyop Bhattacharjee, Criminal Justice System In India: Requires A Revamp

Debsmita Sarkar, Seismic Shift In Film Viewership Trend Among Young Audience

Yuda John Kwaslema, Features Of Mortgage Financing A Stumbling Block Toward Its Development Over Unregistered Land In Tanzania

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