Vol. 7 Issue 2 [March 2021]

ISSN: 2455-2437

Published Articles:

Aritra Mitra, Police Powers And Duties In India And Why It Needs Reform

Bolima Sylvia Ambang, The Right To Fair Trial As Guaranteed Under The Cameroon Criminal Law System: A Critical Appraisal Of The Cameroon Criminal Procedure Code

Pragyanshu Gautam, Precedent And Stare Decisis: A Critical Approach

Temitope O. Oloko, An Appraisal Of The Nigerian Film Industry As A Tool For National Development: Drawing Inspirations From India And The United States

Malini Mukherjee, Misfitting: An Islamophobic (Film) Industry In A Secular State

Yatharth Chauhan, Role of Cyber Law in e-governance

Juma Abdallah Njwayo, Regulation of Electronic Procurement Framework in International Organizations

Sinta Umpo, Khola Mihu, Batotsi Kri & Chujip Khoinya, Legitimacy Of Citizenship Amendment Act

Farhin Warsi & Upasana Borah, Rights of inter-state migrant Labour in India Post Covid-19

Stephen Anditi, Kenyan Scenario: A Comparative Analysis Of The Death Penalty Laws

Rafia Rahman, Settler Colonialism: A New Approach To Study Indigenous Rights Violations In Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Satavisa Bora Baishya, Domestic Violence Against Women Through The Window Of Covid-19 : The Pandemic Paradox

Sulagna Jena, Capital Punishment in India: Whether it is serving it\’s Deterrent purpose?

Aarushi Mittal, Prioritization of Situations and Cases under the International Criminal Court

Yvonne Wamuca Kimani, Considering Music as Part of Protectable Subject Matter Under Kenya’s Trademark Law

Jiwanjot Kaur, Judicial Attitudes Towards The Implementation Of The Sale Of Goods Act, 1930

Dr. Varun Sharma, Street Vendors Struggle For Livelihood

Torsa Min Bahar & Sayani Das, Strengthening Women\’s Land Rights

Gayathri PG, Judicial Developments In India Towards Securing The Rights Of Child

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