Vol 5 Issue 3 (June 2019)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 5 Issue 3

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

  1. Abhimanyu Dinesh, Legalising Prostitution: A Step Towards Ending The Atrocities Against Sex Workers (Download)
  2. Abhishek Vaidya, Patent Versus Trade Secret (Download)
  3. Prasanta Pradhan, Legislative Supremacy In Indian Federal Constitution (Download)
  4. Shrabana Chattopadhyay, Fugitive Criminals In An Uneven Territorial Field Of Criminality- Its Articulation Through Extradition Treaties – A Critique (Download)
  5. Surbhi Burman, Disentangling Swiss Ribbons (Download)
  6. Raunak Kurani, Understanding Cartels And Their Regulation In India (Download)
  7. Laghavi Pahwa, Hart’s ‘Concept Of Law’ And Austin (Download)
  8. Meher Tatineni, Right To Equality Versus Right To Freedom Of Religion: An Indian Perspective (Article 14 v. Article 25 Of Indian Constitution) (Download)
  9. Hifajatali Sayyed, Jurisdictional Issues In Cyber Crimes (Download)
  10. Navita Aggarwal, Autarky Of Reserve Bank Of India In India (Download)
  11. Prachi Malpani, Study On History And Development Of Civil Justice System In India (Download)
  12. Milind Rajratnam, Statutory Authority: An Absolute Defence (Download)
  13. Avi Khetarpal & Krittika Sagar Sharma, Uniform Civil Code (Download)
  14. Alvia Ahsan & Anas Azeem, A Critical Analysis On The Implementation Of ADR In Family Courts (Download)
  15. Dewansh Vashishth & Meghna Menda, Modification In Taxation And Regulation Of The Unregulated Sector (Download)
  16. Lyla Latif, The Challenges In Imposing The Digital Tax In Developing African Countries (Download)
  17. Joseph Kizange & Dr. Hashil Twaibu Abdallah, An Assessment Of Tanzanian Courts On Regulation Of Non-International Armed Conflicts (Download)

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