Vol 5 Issue 2 (April 2019)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 5 Issue 2

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

  1. Adarsh Dubey, Validity Of Internet Shutdowns In The Light Of Section 144 Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Download)
  2. Ambir Khan, Intention To Create Legal Relationship In Common Law (Download)
  3. Amneet Kaur, Judicial Accountability In India: Challenges And Prospective (Download)
  4. Archita Tiwari, Evolution Of Doctrine Of Judicial Review: Comparative Analysis In India And USA (Download)
  5. Arijit Sanyal, Perpetual Morass In Jammu & Kashmir: A Critique On The Armed Forces (Jammu & Kashmir) Special Powers Act 1990, And The State Of Human Rights In The Landlocked State (Download)
  6. Deepa Manickam, A Short Note On The Comparative Analysis Of The Banking Regulation Act & The RBI Act (Download)
  7. Divyashree K S, GST Compensation Cess Case –The Way Forward (Download)
  8. Dr. Rekha Chavan, Geographical Indications Registration System In India (Download)
  9. Harshita Shanker, Case Comment on Shakti Vahini v. Union Of India (Download)
  10. Nisha Agarwal, UCC: Personal Laws In Jeopardy (Download)
  11. Ranjan Dhar, Technologies In Fintech Industry And Cyber Regulations In India (Download)
  12. Rimpi Borah, Politics Of Identity, Sub-Nationalism And Citizenship: A Case Of National Register Of Citizens In Assam (Download)
  13. Rishabh Shrivastava, Criminal Traits In Women Personality: An Analytical Study (Download)
  14. Vishek Bhuyan, The Process Of Rehabilitation And Resettlement Under The Right To Fair Compensation And Transparency In Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation And Resettlement Act, 2013: A Critical Assessment (Download)
  15. Vishnuprasad R, Fairness Probability As A Rationale For The Use Of Principles Of Natural Justice (Download)
  16. Anannya Bera & Krishna Bhattacharya, Date Rape: A Misery Untold (Download)
  17. Ananya Dubey & Rajan Anand, #Metoo Movement: An Apprehensive Campaign (Download)
  18. Dr S. Krishnan Mani & Dr. Niharika Gaur, Nauru, Pacific Island: Exploitation Of Mineral Resources And International Law (Download)
  19. Mahwesh Buland & Sheikh Sultan Aadil Huque, Study Of Doha Rounds & Its Impact On International Trade & Dispute Settlement Mechanism (Download)
  20. Tania Chatterjee & Pratyay Ghatak, Emergence Of Judiciary And The Indian Vision Of Judicial Independence (Download)
  21. Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava & Nilakhi Barman, Access To Justice For Poor And Marginalized People Of Nearby Villages Of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad (Download)

Pending Procedural Formalities

  1. Law On Arrest Detention And Trial: A Human Right Perspective
  2. Critical Analysis Of Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Between The Republic Of India And The Republic Of Singapore

100% Plagiarised and Paraphrased Paper (Held From Publication)

  1. The Problem Child Sexual Abuse in India Laws, Legal Lacuna and the Bill- PCSOB-2011 (Copied verbatim from http://medind.nic.in/jal/t12/i2/jalt12i2p170.pdf) (detected in production stage)


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