Vol 4 Issue 6 (December 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 6

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

  1. Adil Hamid Lone, Regulatory Structure, Mechanism And Principles Of Corporate Governance In India (Download)
  2. Amrit Jot Singh Lamba, Nature of International Law- Whether International Law is a Real Law? (Download)
  3. Ashutosh Misra, An Analysis Of Mismanagement And Oppression Under Companies Act, 2013 (Download)
  4. Ayush Gupta, LegalizationOf The Betting (Download)
  5. Bhavya Bhasin, Dowry: The Cancer Of Society (Download)
  6. Bhumika Verma, Adult Male Victims Of Sexual Assault And Rape (Download)
  7. Dr. J.P. Arya, Child Labor: A Worldwide Problem And Remedies (Download)
  8. Ikmeet Kaur Gandhi, Manual Scavengers (Download)
  9. Manya Batra, Stanford Prison Experiment, the Broken Windows Theory and Police in India (Download)
  10. Manashi Kalita, Discordant Parallels Of FundamentalRights And Parliamentary Privileges (Download)
  11. Nehal Tapadia, Refugees and Rights: Tracing StrategicPath Towards SAARC-Centric Legislations (Download)
  12. Somya Singh, Critical Analysis On The Article -Environmental Justice: Courts And Beyond By M.K. Ramesh (Download)
  13. Srinidhi Muralidharan, Standard Form of Contracts: A Necessary Evil Or Exaggerated Medium (Download)
  14. Vatsala Sood, Comparison Between US and India In the Interpretation of Citizenship Rights and Obligations (Download)
  15. R. Divya Meenakshi & Tarunya Sharath, ResearchArticle On Decriminalization Of Homosexuality And LGBT Activism In India (Download)
  16. Vatsala Sood & Sisira Reddy, Why Is There A Need For Social Justice Lawyers (Download)
  17. Absar Aftab Absar & Zafrul Hassan, Plea Bargaining In India – A Decade Of Existence (Download)
  18. Pallavi Yadav & Anukanksha Gupta, Comparative Analysis of Goods and Services Tax of India with Other Countries (Download)

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