Vol 4 Issue 4 (August 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 4

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

Phase 1:

  1. Adil Khan, Lynching- Taking The Law In Hands Is Now To Be Handled By The Law (Download)
  2. Aishath Alsan Sadiq, The Doom Of Drones – An Exploration Of Policy Gaps In India (Download)
  3. Anitha Krishnamurthy & Tejas Krishnamurthy, International Law And Space Law: Comparison With Law Of Seas (Download)
  4. Anubha Agrawal, Theories Of Punishment- A Brief Analysis (Download)
  5. Armaan Natt, International Criminal Court And Realpolitik: Does The Court Suffer From An African Bias? (Download)
  6. Arti Sharma, Structure And Powers Of Board Of Directors Of Public And Private Companies- How Far Significant For Corporate Governance Comparison Between India And Other Common Law Countries (Download)
  7. Ashish Sancheti, Right To Privacy In India: Vis-À-Vis Aadhar Scheme (Download)
  8. Deep Dighe & Tulsi Mansingka, Socio-Economic Justice: An Analysis With Regard To Constitutional Provisions And State Policies (Download)
  9. Dr Banamali Barik, Humane Approach In The System Of Visitors Of Indian Prisons: An Analysis Of ‘Prescribed Prisons’ (Download)
  10. Dr. Yeshwant Naik, Hostilities Under International Law (Download)
  11. Jatin Tripathi, Justice Towards LGBT: Creating Space For Love (Download)
  12. Jaya Mitra, Muskan Kaushik & Harshada Wadkar, Decoding The Relationship Between Customs And Patents (Download)
  13. Mahima Chauhan, Changing Perception Of Juvenile Offender In India (Download)
  14. Manish Reddy, A Self Drive To Utopia (Download)
  15. Manoj Singh, Election Laws Of India (Download)
  16. Monisha B, Probation In The Perspective Of Sir John Augustus (Download)
  17. N Karapaha D Nagarathinam & D Nagarathinam P Duraipandian, A Comparative Study Of King  Janamejaya, Kannagi  And  Former Prime Minister  Indira Gandhi In Court Of Law (Download)
  18. Nataraj M R, Right To Strike (Download)
  19. Oshin Dixit, Critical Analysis Of Right To Compulsory Education: A Boon Or A Burden (Download)
  20. Rakesh Chandra, The Menacing Growth Of Mob Lynching: A Study In Indian Legal Perspective (Download)
  21. Rayan Bhattacharya, A Study On Outer Space Regulatory Law And The Role Of The International Community (Download)

Phase 2:

  1. Rohit Prakash, An Examination Of Pocso Act: Growth & Development, Applicability And Its Drawback (Download)
  2. Sankalp Malik, Keshav Seth & Aditya Puri, Property Rights Over Fragrances, Smells And Perfumes Protecting Your Aroma Creation Against Competitive Imitation & Registering Scents As Community Trade Marks (Download)
  3. Saphy Lal Bullu, Indices To Measure Corruption And A Quest For Its Appropriateness (Download)
  4. Shanvi Aggarwal, Female Genital Mutilation (Download)
  5. Shiv Ranjan, Definition Of Human Rights: An Indian Perspective (Download)
  6. Shrabani Acharya, The 2015 Mines And Mineral Law In India- A Step In Making “Make In India Globally Competitive” (Download)
  7. Shruti Shekhar, Nabam Rebia & Bamang Felix V. Deputy Speaker (Download)
  8. Soumyadeep Bera, The Treatment Of Prisoners Of War Under The International Human Rights Regime: Efficacious Or Is It Time For Retooling (Download)
  9. Stuti Khare, India v. the U.S. – WTO Solar Ruling And Indian Environmental Governance (Download)
  10. Surabhi Negi & Rishi Prateem Dash, Constitutional Validity Of Board Of Control For Cricket In India(BCCI) (Download)
  11. Surabhi Vats, Critical Analysis Of Benami Transaction Prohibition Act (Download)
  12. Surabhi Vats, Intellectual Property Rights And Economic Development (Download)
  13. Surabhi Vats, No Compensation For Delay In Construction Contracts (Download)
  14. Surbhi Garg, The Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences: A Critical Analysis (Download)
  15. Suvam Kumar, Supreme Court Judgment Over Sc/St Act: Was The Court Right? (Download)
  16. Syamsudin Noer, Recusal And The Constitutional Rights Of Justice Seekers (Download)
  17. Tanessa Puri, How Copied Is Original? (Download)
  18. Udit Malik & Rahesha Sehgal, Criminal Psychology (Download)
  19. Udit Malik & Rahesha Sehgal, Cyber Crimes And Cyber Laws In India (Download)
  20. Utkarsh Srivastava, Effect And Implications Of Section 6 Amendment; Hindu Succession Act 1956 (Download)
  21. Varun Zeferino De Mascarenhas, Mortgage And Charge: A Practical Overview Of The Nexus Between The Two Terminologies (Download)

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