Vol 4 Issue 3 (June 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 3

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

Phase 1:

  1. Abhinav Viswanath, Consumer Protection And Medical Negligence In India: Boon Or Bane (Download)
  2. Albert Sylvester Nkuhi & Dakasi Herbert Stackhouse, Revisit Of The Right To Privacy In India With Special Reference To Justice K S Puttaswamy Vs The Union Of India Decision (Download)
  3. Ali Liaqat, Prevailing Criminal Justice System in Pakistan (Download)
  4. Anees Ul Islam Asmi & Shaheela Khurshid, The Position of Triple Talaq in Islam: A Critical Analysis of Triple Talaq Bill (Download)
  5. Anta ram Pradhan & Dr. Dipti Rekha Mohapatra, Human Rights-its concepts and its implementation: An Analysis (Download)
  6. Anushka Sheth, Independence Of Auditors And Their Appointment (Download)
  7. Arohi Badsha, Legal And Regulatory Framework For Protection Of Minority Shareholders In India (Download)
  8. Aroma Raman Picess, Constitutional Courts and Judicial Review in India and South Africa: A Comparative Study (Download)
  9. Ashish Pathak, Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act: A Conflict Between Theory And Practicality (Download)
  10. Atisha Sisodiya, Ayush Gupta & Afshan Nazir, Recent Activist Trends in Indian Judiciary: Judicial Restraint and Judicial Overreach (Download)
  11. Brinda Jayasimha & Rohith Kashyap M S, Artificial Intelligence and Law (Download)
  12. Chandrakant Kamble & Prof. Dr. M.H. Hirani, The Child Labor Regulations (Download)
  13. Debasmita Bhattacharjee & Carol Elsa Zachariah, Electoral Politics And Secularism: Legal Facet (Download)
  14. Dominique Virgil Tuapetel, Do Terrorists Have No Religion? (Download)
  15. Dorothy Umoatan, Examination Of Sale Of Goods Law In Nigeria (Download)
  16. Dr. Ruchi Lal, The Changing Human Rights Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility in India (Download)
  17. Govind Kumar Saxena, Impact Of Demonetization On Digital Payment (Download)
  18. Himanshu Rajpurohit, Acts Taking Place outside India but Having an Effect on Competition in India (Download)
  19. Janakan Muthukumar, The Legal Effect of Reservation to Human Rights Treaties: Lacunae Left Out by the VCLT Reservation Regime and the Supplementation of ILC Guide to Practice on Reservation (Download)
  20. John Paul Kanya Musembi, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced persons Viz a Viz Humanitarian Laws (Download)
  21. Kalyani Karnad & Archita Rao, Gender Equality in International Humanitarian Law with Emphasis on Women in Combat (Download)
  22. Kartik Gupta & Harshit Trehan, Poverty, Need And Immoral Character Of Commercial Surrogacy: Need For A Panacea (Download)
  23. Keya Rebello, Section 124 (A): An expression on the suppression of free speech (Download)

Phase 2:

  1. Khyati Tongia, Right To Education: Impact Of Privatisation And Globalisation In A Globalised World   A Study With Special Reference To India (Download)
  2. Khyatiba Bhati, Real Estate Regulation and Development Act: A Blessing or a Satirical Act (Download)
  3. Kunal Almadi, Impact Of Trade Embargo And Trade Sanctions On International Relations, International Economy, Trade And Business Laws (Download)
  4. Navita Aggarwal, Capital Infusion and distribution in winding up: company law and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (Download)
  5. Nitish R Daniel, Copyright enforcement- evaluating the hardships caused by Anton Piller and John Doe orders (Download)
  6. Rajul Sharma, Limits of the R2P Principle: Studying the case of Syria (Download)
  7. Rakshita Saxena, Devangana Shah & Shreya Rai, Commercialization Of Outer Space And IPR (Download)
  8. Ranjitha N R & Shamanth M S, Reality Of Justice To Victims (Download)
  9. Ritwik Prakash Srivastava, CRISPR-CAS9: Designing Law for Designer Babies (Download)
  10. Rohan Agarwal, Applicability of State Privilege in Contemporary Evidence Law (Download)
  11. Sahil Tyagi, The Concept of Nuisance (Download)
  12. Sankalp Malik, Data Secrecy And Test Data Protection Law: Driving On A Half-Built Highway (Download)
  13. Seenu Tiwari, A Comparative Study Of Reproductive Freedom In India And The U.S. (Download)
  14. Shivani Sandip Doshi, Effect on Rights of Women in Husband’s Property in Respect to Triple Talaq (Download)
  15. Shreesh Chadha, Copyright Law in India (Download)
  16. Sofia Kausar, Human Rights and its violation with special reference to Rohingya women and children (Download)
  17. Stuti Narula Markan, Child Abuse: When will we stop? (Download)
  18. Tanisha Sudarshan, Fatwas issued by misinterpretation of the Sharia, a violation of Human Rights: in the light of the case Vishwa Lochan Madan v Union of India (Download)
  19. Thanapat Chatinakrob, From Stockholm to Rio: The Contribution of Soft Law to the Deployment of International Environmental Law (Download)
  20. Udai Singh Sidhu, My Viewpoint: A Step towards Criminalizing Marital Rape (Download)
  21. Vishal Singh, Re-Righting The Wronged Image Of Draupadi (Download)
  22. Yashi Mishra, Centre-State relations- Doctrine of Pith and Substance (Download)
  23. Zaman Fatima Rizvi, Right To Information Act 2005 And Its Implementation (Download)
  24. Mojisola Eseyin & Kpoobari Girigiri, Section 10 the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, A toothless Bulldog? (Download)

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