Vol 4 Issue 1 (February 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 1

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

Phase 1

  • Abhinav Sharma & Drishti Rawal, Informal Method As A Means Of Judicial Interpretation: With Reference To Evolution Of Privacy As A Fundamental Right (Download)
  • Ajay Sonawane, Administrative Law vis-à-vis Government Contractual liability: A Legal and Judicial Prevue (Download)
  • Akshat Surana & Niti Jain, Santhara and Right to Religion (Download)
  • Anant Singh & Pooja Singh, An Undefined Prohibition (Download)
  • Anjali Anil, Human Rights to Universal Energy Access and The Difficulties In Attaining It With Current Legal And Policy Parameters (Download)
  • Anurag Gourav, A study on Impact of C.S.R. on Employee Engagement (Download)
  • Anushri Upase, An Analysis of Rights of Transgenders – In The Light Of   Legislative Provisions in India (Download)
  • Aparna R & Pious Joseph, An Insight of the Compensatory Afforestation and Management Act, 2016 (Download)
  • Aprajita Bharagava, Laws Against Sexual Harassment (Download)
  • Asma Anjum, Women’s Rights And Laws (Download)
  • Banamali Barik, The Prison System and Human Rights in an era of liberalization and privatization (Download)
  • Diksha Khullar & Aura Das, Emergence of Essential Facilities Doctrine vis-à-vis Market Structure in India (Download)
  • Bhavana Sharma, Awareness About Constitutional And Legal Rights Among Women: A Case Study Of Village Dilwan, District Una, H.P. (Download)
  • Dr. Pawandeep Kaur, Right to work -A Legal Perspective With Special Reference of Constitution of India (Download)
  • Dr. Neeta Beri, Historic Verdict: Right To Privacy- Key To Life & Liberty (Download)
  • Ganesh Bhaskar Lata, Progressiveness of North Eastern Marriages and Succession (Download)
  • Gautam Mohanty, Understanding The Interface Between Party Autonomy And Mandatory Rules In International Commercial Arbitrations (Download)
  • Hirakjyoti Das, Judicialization of Arbitration: The new trend in India (Download)
  • Jyoti Kukreja & Abhishek Srivastava, India as a field for commercial surrogacy (Download)
  • Lakshay Bansal, Inconsistency With Juvenile Laws (Download)
  • Manvee Saidha, Continuity Without Consent? (Download)
  • Mishika Bhargava, Deependra Yadav & Alpika Shrivastava, A Comparative Study Of Election Of The President Of India Vis A Vis U.S.A (Download)
  • Nirali Deepak Parekh, The role of CBFC in the present democracy and the challenges ahead (Download)
  • Nitin Balu & Pranav Kaushal, Independence of Judiciary Vis judicial governance (Download)
  • Ratnesh Shah, An Analysis Of Carriage By Air Act, 1972 (Download)

Phase 2

  • Parita Goyal, National Anthem (Download)
  • Pranshu Sehgal & Pranjali Sehgal, A Critical Analysis: Interplay Between Law And Psychology (Download)
  • Priya Chaudhary & Dipesh Soni, International investment Agreement and Environment Protection: A Critical Analysis (Download)
  • Radhika Kapoor & Ashrutha Rai, National Space Legislation in Europe: Environmental Protection and Debris Mitigation (Download)
  • Rajat Godha, Duties of Employer Under Equal remuneration act (Download)
  • Rohit Agarwal, Shreyansh Ajmera & Pratyay Bhaskar, One Night In Bhopal Documentary Review (Download)
  • Maneesha, Envisioning India as Euthanasia Friendly: Inception with Decriminalising Legacy (Download)
  • Maneesha, Oliver Twist (Download)
  • Sagarika Koneru & Shaantanu Krishnan, Critical and Comparative Analysis of WhatsApp’s Privacy Policies (Download)
  • Sakshi Modani, Anusha Rao & Namitha Melwin, Death Before Birth – A Legal Perspective on Female Foeticide (Download)
  • Sandeep Mittal, National Green Tribunal: A Judicial Or Administrative Body? (Download)
  • Saumya Kapoor & Rishabh Negi, Scheme of Maintenance under various Personal Laws (Download)
  • Saurabh Gola, Article On “Criminality Against Women” (Download)
  • Shristi Talukdar & Jechun Palzer, Right Over The Womb V. Right Of Unborn Child A Comparative Study Of Abortion Laws In India And U.S.A (Download)
  • Shubham Grover, Regulations Governing Foreign Currency Accounts in India (Download)
  • Stuti Narula, A short note on ‘Crime and Criminality’ (Download)
  • Sudipta Patra, Expanding Boundaries Of Scope Of Trademarks: Legal Study And Research On It (Download)
  • Suyash Bhamore, The Goods and Services Tax: An embodiment of Co-operative federalism in India (Download)
  • Tanaya Patankar, Internet fragmentation – a reality that can endanger and shape the Internet’s future. (Download)
  • Twinkle J Chadwa, Desideratum for Paternity leave Laws in India. (Download)
  • Uttkarsh Alaparti, Legalization Of Marijuana And An Outlook Into The Ndps Act: Research And Analysis (Download)
  • Zakiyyu Muhammad & Pradeep Kulshrestha, Impact of the United Nation Convention against Torture on the Protection of Human Rights in the Administration of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria (Download)
  • Yash Soni, India Foreign Trade With West Asia: A Study (Download)
  • Ratnesh Shah, Sentencing Circles (Download)

List of Articles (Copyright Clause Invoked & attached)

  • Position Of Essential Facilities Doctrine In India: A Comment On The Infrastructure Sector
  • Green Tax: Whether An Environmental Reform?
  • Uniform Civil Code: A Required Reality Or Futuristic Facade?
  • Regulation Of Indian Media: Perspective Of Leveson

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