Vol 3 Issue 6 – Contemporary Law Edition (December 2017)


Contemporary Law Edition

Vol. 3 Issue 6

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

  • Raunaq Bagade, Judicial Accountability In India – Where To Draw The Line? (Download) (Read Online)
  • Bhawana Keshwani & Rishi Prateem Dash, Sexuality in Contemporary India: Section 377 of Indian Penal Code (Download) (Read Online)
  • Leena Pawar, Dr. Anita Taneja & Dr. Bhim Singh, Internet Crimes (Download) (Read Online)
  • Kavya Lalchandani & Tanay Mishra, World Trade Organisation’s Agreement On Agriculture And Its Impact On The Indian Agriculture (Download) (Read Online)
  • Deepti Kohli, Need for a Comprehensive Sports Law in India An Analysis (Download) (Read Online)
  • Sarika Soumya, A Short Note On ‘Hanging’- Boycotting The Ruthless Mode Of Execution (Download) (Read Online)
  • Pratyusha Kar, Fraud on the Constitution as a limitation to governmental actions (Download) (Read Online)
  • Pratyusha Kar, Great Economic Recession: Causes and Consequences (Download) (Read Online)
  • Aprajita Bhargava, Triple Talaq (Download) (Read Online)
  • Sudarshan Satalkar, Pre-Marital Sex, as in relation with nature of marriages: A Critical study of the Indian Personal Law (Download) (Read Online)
  • Geetika Sood & Dr. Kanupriya Grewal, Analysing the sin of Human trafficking of women and children (Download) (Read Online)
  • Shefali Singh, Cybercrimes Against Women in India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Sanya Darakhshan Kishwar, Reforms In Judicial System: The Much Needed Makeover (Download) (Read Online)
  • Aniket Khatwani, Unhealed Wounds, the woes of Medical Negligence (Download) (Read Online)
  • Venkata Naga Sri Hari Cherukuri, Law Of ‘Setting Aside Ex-Parte’ Decrees In The Perspective Of Doctrine Of Laches (Download) (Read Online)

Attached Manuscripts (JLSR Acquired)

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