Vol 3 Issue 5 – Contemporary Law Edition (October 2017)


Contemporary Law Edition

Vol. 3 Issue 5

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

  1. Rishabh Sharma, Comparative Analysis Of Plea Bargaining Procedure In Indian, American, & Italian Jurisdictions (Download) (Read Online)
  2. Satwika Jha, Cross Border Crimes- A Growing Threat to Global Security (Download) (Read Online)
  3. Raghav Dembla & Aditi Bhargava, Changing Dimensions of the Real Estate Sector: Central government’s attempt to bring transparency into the system vis-a-vis introduction of Real estate (regulation and development) Act, 2016 (Download) (Read Online)
  4. Kajori Bhatnagar, 1951 Refugee Convention: A Comprehensive Critique (Download) (Read Online)
  5. Aswathy Sujith, Human Trafficking – An Invisible Trade In India (Download) (Read Online)
  6. Harshit Hassanwalia & Shivani Dewalla, LGBT Rights In Contemporary International Law And United Nations (Download) (Read Online)
  7. Abha Patel, Theories of International Trade and Economics Law (Download) (Read Online)
  8. Akshay Gandotra & Dipankar Madaan, A Comprehensive Study On The Efficacy Of Section 498-A (Download) (Read Online)
  9. Vinitika Vij, Objective Element of the Defence of Provocation (Download) (Read Online)
  10. Rashmita Sunkara, Brutality of a Legal Sentence (Download) (Read Online)
  11. Rashmita Sunkara, Morality, Dependency and Maintenance: Plight of Women Under Hindu Law (Download) (Read Online)
  12. Aayush Chandra, Marital Rape: Sordid Reality Behind Closedoors (Download) (Read Online)
  13. Deeksha Dubey & Himanshu Singhal, Ultra Vires As Form Of Regulating Government Actions (Download) (Read Online)
  14. Harshit Sharma, Economic Hardships: An aftermath of divorce (Download) (Read Online)
  15. Kriti Gupta, Ban of Financial Assistance redundant under UK Company Law (Download) (Read Online)
  16. Kriti Gupta, Legalisation and Regulation of Surrogacy Contracts (Download) (Read Online)
  17. Neha Goel, Marxist And Patrilineal Critique Of The Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Download) (Read Online)
  18. Pooja Ogale, A Critical Analysis of the Legal Regime for Combatting Child Sexual Abuse in India (Download) (Read Online)
  19. Shankar Luthra & Siddharth Singh, Evolution of Industry (Download) (Read Online)
  20. Shweta Reddy Degalahal, A Way Around the Veto (Download) (Read Online)
  21. Soham Guha Roy, Class Difference In Higher Education (Download) (Read Online)
  22. Suraj Yoganand & Shilpa Bishnoi, Shareholder’s Rights Plan and Other Defensive Mechanisms (Download) (Read Online)
  23. Ratnesh Shah, Nanotechnology And Cyber Criminalistics (Download)
  24. Ratnesh Shah, Impact Of GST On Property Law (Download)

Attached Manuscripts (JLSR Acquired)

  1. Rules Of Natural Justice: Under The Rubrics Of Article 14 Of The Constitution Of India
  2. Critique Of Pre-Cautionary Principle
  3. A Critique Of Article 16 Of The Rome Statute
  4. Marital Rape And The Need For Its Reform
  5. Reproductive Rights As Human Rights
  6. National Investigative Agency Act: Critical Review
  7. Tape Recorded Conversation Is A Valid Evidence Or Not
  8. The Suspension, Remission And Commutation Of Sentence May Become Necessary Under Different Circumstances: A Comparative Study

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