Vol 3 Issue 4 – Criminal Law Review (August 2017)

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Criminal Law Review

Vol. 3 Issue 4

ISSN: 2455-2437

List of Articles Published: Phase 1

  • KS Luckyson James, Constitutional Perspectives On AFSPA (Read Online)(Download)
  • Kavya Mehta, Sedition And Its Criminalization (Read Online)(Download)
  • Dr. Suman Yadav & Amol Shetty, Supreme Court on Death Penalty (Read Online) (Download)
  • Suman Yadav, An Analysis Of Right Of Private Defence Of Person Under Criminal Law: When Causing Death Under Self Defence Is Justified? (Read Online)(Download)
  • Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Punishment: Forms, Theory and Practice (Read Online)(Download)
  • Pritika Bhasin, Right-Socio Legal Perspective (Read Online)(Download)
  • Keerthi Krishna Reddy & Sunayana Bhat, International trends on Capital Punishments (Read Online)(Download)
  • Leena Pawar, Dr. Anita Taneja & Dr. Bhim Singh, Use of Technology in Criminal Investigation by Police (Read Online)(Download)
  • Yashvardhan Singh Dikhit, Madhurima Singh & Sadia Akhter, The Battle Continues: Abortion Laws v. Human Rights Laws (Read Online)(Download)

List of Articles Published: Phase 2

  • Suhani Suman, Gender And Crime Against Women: Study Of India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Prerna Kapur, Fine as a Punishment – A Possible Jurisprudential Failure (Download) (Read Online)
  • Sakshi Vishwakarma, Classification of Parties to Crime under Common Law and Indian Penal Code (Download) (Read Online)
  • Divyang Bhatia, Case Analysis of Kiriti Pal and Ors. v State of West Bengal and Ors (Download) (Read Online)
  • Ankita Chakraborty, Concept And Philosophy Of Sentencing (Download) (Read Online)
  • Towfeel Ahmad Mir, Role Of Judiciary In Controlling Drug Abuse In India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Divya Rawtani, Let The Justice Prevail For Suicide Attempt Survivors (Download) (Read Online)
  • Vidit D. Kumar, Tracing the history of Individual Criminal Liability in International Law (Download) (Read Online)
  • Aditya Karekatte, Establishing a Link between Criminal Law and Morality (Download) (Read Online)
  • Aditya Karekatte, Primum Non Nocere: Medical Malpractice and the Indian Penal Code (Download) (Read Online)
  • Priya Modi, Criminalization Of Abortion (Download) (Read Online)
  • Anurag Mehta, Role of Cyber Attacks in relation to State’s Peace and Security (Download) (Read Online)
  • Brajesh Kumar, Right to fair trial in India: A myth or reality (Download) (Read Online)
  • Adeeb Zaheer Naqvi, Laxity in Law (Download) (Read Online)
  • Deepthy S, Women As A Victim And Survivor In Cyber Crimes (Download) (Read Online)
  • Kumar Karan & Aman Chachan, Rights of an Under Trial Prisoners in India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Soumya Chaturvedi & Srishti Chaturvedi, Domestic Violence against Men: When the Stronger Sex becomes the Victim (Download) (Read Online)
  • Anushka Shah & Aakriti Thakur, ` Admissibility of evidence in light of Aarushi Talwar (Download) (Read Online)
  • Pranshu Sehgal & Krithika Dineshan, Marital Rape: Lacunae in the Criminal Law of India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Toshani Mukherjee & Shivani Mane, Hate Speech and Free Speech: Finding a Middle Course (Download) (Read Online)
  • Isha Malik, Finding the masculinity in neutral laws- Feminist critique of family laws in India (Download) (Read Online)
  • Isha Malik, Daubert Standard- a comparative study between India and the United states (Download) (Read Online)

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