Marital Rape In India

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Journal Title: Journal of Legal Studies & Research
Author(s): Sri Subiksha Dhamodaran
Published On: 01/03/2023
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
First Page: 223
Last Page: 232
ISSN: 2455-2437
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Sri Subiksha Dhamodaran, Marital Rape In India , Volume 9 Issue 1, Journal of Legal Studies & Research, 223-232, Published on 01/03/2023, Available at


India celebrates its 75th independence  still the women in India are neglected and not able to live independently.  Rape is an offence violating her dignity and it is punishable under IPC section 375. What if she faced such kind of assault after her marriage in her marital house ? She can’t speak it out because of their family reputation and there is no law for the marital rape is provided under IPC .There were no effective laws in India as far as marital rape is concerned . The non consensual sex with their spouse is not considered as the crime in India , not only in India but in few countries in the world. Other countries have tried their best in making laws for the protection of women. India is focusing on protection and prevention of crimes against women but fails to protect a married woman from her rapist who apparently in such cases is her husband. At present 150 countries have criminalized the offence of marital rape but only 32 countries where marital rape is not a criminal offence they are China, Bangladesh, Egypt , Oman, Yemen, Myanmar, Mali, Senegal, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Singapore, Libya, and others . Lot of people think that marriage is the licence to rape but who gives a right for the husband to rape his wife ? Marital Rape is also a rape but why it is not punishable in India and why it is not spoken out ? There is need to bring strong laws to bell the cat of marital rape in India. Let us discuss briefly about Marital rape in this article.



Keywords: Marital Rape, Rape

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