Implementation of International Laws on Marine Pollution: Challenges and Prospects

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Journal Title: Journal of Legal Studies & Research
Author(s): Agbor I. Bassey & Patrick Chukwunonso Aloamaka
Published On: 31/10/2022
Volume: 8
Issue: 5
First Page: 146
Last Page: 163
ISSN: 2455-2437
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Agbor I. Bassey & Patrick Chukwunonso Aloamaka, Implementation of International Laws on Marine Pollution: Challenges and Prospects, Volume 8 Issue 5, Journal of Legal Studies & Research, 146-163, Published on 31/10/2022, Available at


International laws are made by sovereign states to regulate their relationship and activities. Marine pollution is an offence perpetrated by sovereign nations, corporate entities and individuals. Marine pollution is not only prohibited under international law, also penalties for such acts are also prescribed. The problem or question to be addressed here is: to what extent has the international law on marine pollution been successfully implemented or applied to relevant cases of marine pollution. The main objective of this work is to examine some of the challenges militating against effective implementation of the international instruments against marine pollution and to recommend more effective measures to promote the prevention of marine pollution. It will be of interest to the members of the international community, especially the less developed countries to know that the implementation of international laws on marine pollution can be more effective and result oriented. This work will examine the causes of marine pollution, the effects of marine pollution, state responsibilities and liabilities for marine pollution under international law, the challenges of implementation of international laws against marine pollution and will provide recommendations for the achievement of better results in the prevention of marine pollution under international law. Primary and secondary sources of data collection will be relied on in this work including international instruments, judicial authorities, textbooks and relevant materials from internet sources. It is hereby recommended that more serious penalties such as economic sanctions should be adopted and enforced in appropriate circumstances against states violating international laws on marine pollution.

Keywords: Marine, Pollution, International, Law, Challenges, Implementation

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