Vol 4 Issue 1 (February 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 1

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

Phase 1

  • Abhinav Sharma & Drishti Rawal, Informal Method As A Means Of Judicial Interpretation: With Reference To Evolution Of Privacy As A Fundamental Right (Download)
  • Ajay Sonawane, Administrative Law vis-à-vis Government Contractual liability: A Legal and Judicial Prevue (Download)
  • Akshat Surana & Niti Jain, Santhara and Right to Religion (Download)
  • Anant Singh & Pooja Singh, An Undefined Prohibition (Download)
  • Anjali Anil, Human Rights to Universal Energy Access and The Difficulties In Attaining It With Current Legal And Policy Parameters (Download)
  • Anurag Gourav, A study on Impact of C.S.R. on Employee Engagement (Download)
  • Anushri Upase, An Analysis of Rights of Transgenders – In The Light Of   Legislative Provisions in India (Download)
  • Aparna R & Pious Joseph, An Insight of the Compensatory Afforestation and Management Act, 2016 (Download)
  • Aprajita Bharagava, Laws Against Sexual Harassment (Download)
  • Asma Anjum, Women’s Rights And Laws (Download)
  • Banamali Barik, The Prison System and Human Rights in an era of liberalization and privatization (Download)
  • Diksha Khullar & Aura Das, Emergence of Essential Facilities Doctrine vis-à-vis Market Structure in India (Download)
  • Bhavana Sharma, Awareness About Constitutional And Legal Rights Among Women: A Case Study Of Village Dilwan, District Una, H.P. (Download)
  • Dr. Pawandeep Kaur, Right to work -A Legal Perspective With Special Reference of Constitution of India (Download)
  • Dr. Neeta Beri, Historic Verdict: Right To Privacy- Key To Life & Liberty (Download)
  • Ganesh Bhaskar Lata, Progressiveness of North Eastern Marriages and Succession (Download)
  • Gautam Mohanty, Understanding The Interface Between Party Autonomy And Mandatory Rules In International Commercial Arbitrations (Download)
  • Hirakjyoti Das, Judicialization of Arbitration: The new trend in India (Download)
  • Jyoti Kukreja & Abhishek Srivastava, India as a field for commercial surrogacy (Download)
  • Lakshay Bansal, Inconsistency With Juvenile Laws (Download)
  • Manvee Saidha, Continuity Without Consent? (Download)
  • Mishika Bhargava, Deependra Yadav & Alpika Shrivastava, A Comparative Study Of Election Of The President Of India Vis A Vis U.S.A (Download)
  • Nirali Deepak Parekh, The role of CBFC in the present democracy and the challenges ahead (Download)
  • Nitin Balu & Pranav Kaushal, Independence of Judiciary Vis judicial governance (Download)

Phase 2

  • Parita Goyal, National Anthem (Download)
  • Pranshu Sehgal & Pranjali Sehgal, A Critical Analysis: Interplay Between Law And Psychology (Download)
  • Priya Chaudhary & Dipesh Soni, International investment Agreement and Environment Protection: A Critical Analysis (Download)
  • Radhika Kapoor & Ashrutha Rai, National Space Legislation in Europe: Environmental Protection and Debris Mitigation (Download)
  • Rajat Godha, Duties of Employer Under Equal remuneration act (Download)
  • Rohit Agarwal, Shreyansh Ajmera & Pratyay Bhaskar, One Night In Bhopal Documentary Review (Download)
  • Maneesha, Envisioning India as Euthanasia Friendly: Inception with Decriminalising Legacy (Download)
  • Maneesha, Oliver Twist (Download)
  • Sagarika Koneru & Shaantanu Krishnan, Critical and Comparative Analysis of WhatsApp’s Privacy Policies (Download)
  • Sakshi Modani, Anusha Rao & Namitha Melwin, Death Before Birth – A Legal Perspective on Female Foeticide (Download)
  • Sandeep Mittal, National Green Tribunal: A Judicial Or Administrative Body? (Download)
  • Saumya Kapoor & Rishabh Negi, Scheme of Maintenance under various Personal Laws (Download)
  • Saurabh Gola, Article On “Criminality Against Women” (Download)
  • Shristi Talukdar & Jechun Palzer, Right Over The Womb V. Right Of Unborn Child A Comparative Study Of Abortion Laws In India And U.S.A (Download)
  • Shubham Grover, Regulations Governing Foreign Currency Accounts in India (Download)
  • Stuti Narula, A short note on ‘Crime and Criminality’ (Download)
  • Sudipta Patra, Expanding Boundaries Of Scope Of Trademarks: Legal Study And Research On It (Download)
  • Suyash Bhamore, The Goods and Services Tax: An embodiment of Co-operative federalism in India (Download)
  • Tanaya Patankar, Internet fragmentation – a reality that can endanger and shape the Internet’s future. (Download)
  • Twinkle J Chadwa, Desideratum for Paternity leave Laws in India. (Download)
  • Uttkarsh Alaparti, Legalization Of Marijuana And An Outlook Into The Ndps Act: Research And Analysis (Download)
  • Zakiyyu Muhammad & Pradeep Kulshrestha, Impact of the United Nation Convention against Torture on the Protection of Human Rights in the Administration of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria (Download)

List of Articles (Copyright Clause Invoked & attached)

  • Position Of Essential Facilities Doctrine In India: A Comment On The Infrastructure Sector
  • Green Tax: Whether An Environmental Reform?
  • Uniform Civil Code: A Required Reality Or Futuristic Facade?
  • Regulation Of Indian Media: Perspective Of Leveson

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