Five myths about bail bonds you should never believe

When facing arrest, the first thing anyone thinks of is “how do I get out of here.” If you have been in this situation, you know how confusing it can be. Hundreds of friends, family members, and well-wishers shower the arrested person with myriads of suggestions about getting out on bail. No matter what they say, you need to know the truth about bail bonds and bail bondsmen.

Here are the top five myths you should never believe about bail bonds –

  • You need to pay the bail amount in full for your release

If you have to pay the entire bail amount, then why are the bail bondsmen here? The bail bond companies in Ohio follow strict regulations, and they are here to help you in paying the bail amount. You need to pay a specific amount to the company, and the bondsman pays the rest. In most of the cases, people can make bail by paying only a fraction of the total amount.


  • Posting bail always requires cash

Not all bail bonds services need money. Most companies in Columbus, Ohio also accept collateral. The value of qualifying collateral depends upon the bail amount, but the usual cost is around 1.5-times the bail. Each company has its own set of rules. Visit Castle Bail Service Columbus to learn more about making bail on collateral.


  • Bail guarantors are unprofessional

The Ohio State Law regulates all bail bonds companies within the state. The representatives do not acquire new clients in court or advertising in areas of law practice. When you find them online, you can check the ratings of individual bondsmen or the company. The services most bail bonds companies offer in Columbus are transparent, and their clients typically leave comments on their testimonial sections. All bail guarantors require a license and permit to operate within the state. Therefore, finding unprofessional bail bondsmen is not only tricky, but it is close to impossible.


  • Ignoring the arrest warrant will render it invalid

When the court sends an arrest warrant, you cannot make it go away by ignoring it. It remains outstanding till you turn yourself in or the cops find you and arrest you. There is no statute of limitation on arrest warrants. Therefore, it is smart to answer the warrant rather than ignore it or hide.


  • Bail bonds companies can negotiate lower bail

Professional bail bonds companies do not negotiate smaller amounts or keep the extra money for themselves. The judge sets the bail amount, and the bail guarantor has no authority to challenge that. You can request the court for a reduced bail amount, but the outcomes will, in no way, depend upon the presence or absence of a bail bondsman.

No matter what charges you are facing, you should think about contacting a bail agent. Even if you believe that a jail-term is imminent for you, posting bail will give you the time you need for sorting financial affairs for your family, taking care of your pets and gathering the necessary paperwork.