Vol 4 Issue 5 (October 2018)

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

Vol. 4 Issue 5

ISSN: 2455-2437

A ‘Law Brigade Group’ Publication, A Libertatem Media Group Company

Published Manuscripts:

Phase 1:

  1. Adeeb Shah, Personal Guarantor’s Footing Under Insolvency Law: An Upcoming Era Of Change (Download)
  2. Anjali Rautela, Rights Of The Accused With Special Emphasis On Prison Administration (Download)
  3. Anshita Agarwal, Oscillating Gender Equity: A Jurisprudential Study Of The Self-Sufficiency Of Development In Bringing About Gender Equality In India (Download)
  4. Anushka Ambli, Case Analysis on Catherine Lee vs Lee’s Air Farming Company (Download)
  5. Anveksha Padhye, Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance, 2018 – Analysis (Download)
  6. Bipasa Tripathy, Competition Law In India: Anti-Competitive Agreements And Understanding The Inadequacy Of The Per Se Rule (Download)
  7. Dasvinder Singh, Deduction of Tax at Source (Download)
  8. Dr. Saji Sivan S, Affirmative Action In Private Sector In India (Download)
  9. Dr. Jyoti, Special Economic Zones in India: Benefited or Not? (Download)
  10. Govind Kumar Saxena, Need for Purush Ayog (National Men’s Commission): Gender Bias Laws in India (Download)
  11. Harsh Manohar, Sharia Courts: Looking into the Legality of Dar-ul-Qaza and their Relationship with fatwas (Download)
  12. Naasha Farshogar Anklesaria, Global Justice And Global Rule Of Law – Legislative, Executive And Judicial Response To Globalization (Download)
  13. Prarthana Chigateri, Arbitrating Matrimonial Disputes In India (Download)
  14. Praveen Bhardwaj, Discretion With Regard To Different Agency At Pre-Trial Stage (Download)
  15. Praveen Bhardwaj, A Comparative Analysis Of Pre-Trial Discretion With Reference To Indian Criminal Justice System (Download)

Phase 2:

  1. Raunak Kurani, The Constitutional Status of the BCCI under Article 12 and the ambit of RTI (Download)
  2. Ritika Kanwar, Case Analysis on Marshall Islands v. India (Download)
  3. Sabarish Suresh, A Critical Review of Ubuntu: A Comparative Analysis with Kant’s Retributivism (Download)
  4. Sananda Sen, Problems in Domestic Violence: When a Man is a Victim (Download)
  5. Shreya Maheshwari, Right to Workmen Strike in Light of Constitution (Download)
  6. Tanisha Agrawal, One Nation One Election: A Need or a Political Strategy (Download)
  7. Ananya Kumar & Sumedha Ganjoo, Impact Of Evolution Of Cyber Law On Human Rights (Download)
  8. Dipti Gabriel & Jyotsna Gabriel, Right to Privacy (Download)
  9. Anil Gopal Variath & Ms. Kopal Garg, Role of Chief Justice of India as master of Roster – Time to Revisit (Download)
  10. Parth Sharma & Nishtha Mittal, Communalism in India (Download)
  11. Rajan Anand & Ananya Dubey, National Register Of Citizen Of India (NRC) (Download)
  12. Richa Yadav & Sonali Anand, Commercial Surrogacy- Legal, Social and Ethical Issues (Download)
  13. Sayesha Chadha & Sidhanth Mor, Life Imprisonment Without Remission: A Substitute To Death Penalty (Download)
  14. Shiju Mohan & Aishwarya Devi A, Sabarimala- Myth Backed Society And Why Law Should Be Subjective To Custom (Download)
  15. Pratiksha Gupta, Pravesh Kabra & Kirti Khangarot, Can Rape Ever Be Justified? (Download)

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