Postage Tracker

Postage Tracker is a new system implemented by our team to allow our authors to track the status of the postages online. All you need to do is to click on the Track now link, enter your tracking code and Verification Code and you are good to go.

Note: You might see “Consignment not found” as the status on India Post website while tracking. Please do not panic as they have some technical issue on their site that prevents the user to check the actual status for initial few days. It is usually resolved in 4-5 days. If not, you may contact us at and we’ll provide you with the phone number of the concerned Post Office so that you can have a word with them directly. 

Tracking Details of Certificates

JLSR Vol 2 Issue 6

Name of Authors Consignement Number Tracking Link
Dr. Mariamma Anilkumar RG076288437IN Track Now
Jashandeep Kaur RG076288304IN Track Now
Srija Kumar RG076288278IN Track Now
Samiksha Kandya RG076288397IN Track Now
Deepti Kohli RG076288508IN Track Now
Abha Patel RG076288556IN Track Now
Baharul Islam RG076288383IN Track Now
Harivignesh R & Suryanarayana SM RG076288539IN Track Now
Surabhi Srivastava & Rhea Verghese RG076288410IN Track Now